About Kisu

Harro! The name is Vi or Kisu [vEE or kEE-soo], a part time herpaderp streamer on twitch as KisumaiAsu [kEE-soo my AH-soo]. I’ve been streaming since the end of February 2015 (with a bunch of breaks in between), playing mostly Final Fantasy XIV. I stream and play a sort of games (except MOBA, FPS, & horror — not really my forte) but I mainly focus more on JRPGs.

How I got into streaming

Let’s give a bit of back story: I started Final Fantasy XIV pretty much during beta / early access for A Realm Reborn in 2013 and was crazily addicted. Then sometime during spring 2014, I stopped playing — due to rage quitting along with focusing on life stuff.

Fast forward to February 2015, I had just broken out of a really toxic, emotionally and mentally-abusive relationship. I wanted to do something to fill the void and move on. Because of the 10-month break from FFXIV, I was missing the game a lot and started to watch a bunch of streams. It wasn’t until I found one of my guildmate/friend’s stream that I decided to resub to the game and even tap into becoming a broadcaster.

She motivated me in so many ways when it came to streaming and interacting with viewers, not to mention sharing her community with me. It helped me gain some confidence in myself — especially after losing so much of it from the former boyfriend — I honestly don’t think I can thank her enough for everything.